Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And so it begins... maybe

Overnight we got 5" of snow and another 2" to 3" inches forecasted for today. Not what I was hoping for today. Sure, the kids are happy that they don't have school, but today was the day that I was (possibly still am) taking several people from work (VP of Sales, Director of Operations, Controller, and the CFO) down to DMC Consulting in Toledo, OH to a Lotus Lunch and Learn. The agenda is Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0.1, Quickr, Sametime, and anything else they have time for. It was going to be the first time these people would have seen these offerings.

I know the CFO won't be going, as he has had the flu all weekend and already told me this morning that he won't be in today. The VP and Director both live in Toledo and less than 5 miles from DMC, so they should still be attending.

I have yet to call DMC to see if they are still planning on doing this today, and I'm hoping that they still are. I have been excited about this, as these are the people who will reap the most benefit from these new products.

Wish me luck!

Well, I just received a call from DMC... looks like this thing is still on. I'm going to attempt to make the trek down to Toledo in about a half an hour. Hopefully, the weather won't be as bad as it looks.