Monday, April 28, 2008

Golf League - Week 1

I figured I'd keep track of my golf game here. I'm going to try to post how I did in my golf league, and see where I may be able to improve my game.

The course is Wolf Creek Golf Club in Adrian, MI. If they had a website, I'd link you to it.

Week 1 - Front Nine

Hole 1 - 378 yard Par 4
Bogied the hole. Drove good, but was just off the left side of the green with my iron shot. Was short on the chip to the hole and just missed the par putt.

Hole 2 - 481 yard Par 5
Birdie the hole. Had a HUGE drive, if I don't say so myself. Had about a 5 iron to the green and put it on the left side of the green. Had about a 20 footer for eagle, but missed it to the right. Had about a foot for the birdie. Best drive of the year so far. Wind did help some.

Hole 3 - 153 yard Par 3
Double bogied the hole. This hole is all downhill. Hit an 8 iron about 10 yards left of the hole. Didn't hit the chip shot as well as I would have liked, and left myself about a 20 footer for par and missed it long. Then missed the putt coming back. Ball rolled over the edge of the hole, but didn't fall in. Looks like my chipping needs some work.

Hole 4 - 298 yard Par 4
Not one of my favorite holes. Have to hit an iron off the tee as there is about a 30 foot difference in elevation between the fairway and the green above. Hit a good 4 iron to the base of the hill and was a little short of the green on my pitching wedge. Chipped up to a gimme par putt (less than a foot.)

Hole 5 - 316 yard Par 4
Dogleg left Par 4. If you can draw the ball around the corner, you can set yourself up for a nice birdie. I drew the ball around the corner and set myself up with a nice short 60 yard sand wedge chip to the green. Left the ball right of the hole, right on the cut between the fringe and the rough. Used my putter to hit the ball uphill and crushed it for some unknown reason and left the ball past the hole about 10 feet and missed the putt coming back. Another bogey.

Hole 6 - 157 yard Par 3
Wind is in my face so I should have taken an extra club, but didn't. Tee shot hit the front of the green but sucked back to the fringe. The pin is on the second tier at the back of the green. Chipped up, but short, and two putted for another bogey.

Hole 7 - 451 yard Par 5
This is a tough, dogleg left hole. A good tee shot has to go around or over a group of trees, and then the second shot to the green below, with a pond to the left and a couple of traps protecting the front of the green. Again, I had a huge drive (wind assisted) and had about a 6 iron to the green below. Pushed the iron to the right of the green. Chipped past the hole. My birdie putt stopped just to the right of the hole for a tap in par. Missed opportunity here.

Hole 8 - 362 yard Par 4
Another good drive and iron shot put me on the green, below the hole, about 20 feet. The putt is up hill, with, what should be, a break to the left. Of course, my putt didn't break and I end up with a par.

Hole 9 - 357 yard Par 4
Dogleg right with a pond on the right hand side to catch those who try to cut the corner. Right now, with a par on this hole, I can finish with a 40. My driving, to this point, has been good. I feel pretty confident. With that thought in my head, I put the tee in the ground, place the ball on top, waggle, and pop the ball up in the air about 30 yards, on the side of the hill to the right. Great! Now, the ball's a little above my feet, so I take a 7 iron just to get the ball in play, and I try to get a little trick and set up for a little bit of a fade/slice. I hit the ball on the toe of the club, and sent it almost perpendicular to where I was, about 20 yards over the hill, but in #7's fairway. I still haven't reached the pond, which I now have to cross with any chance of saving this hole. I got my 3 iron out and hit it smooth and put the ball into the fairway of the hole I'm supposed to be playing. Chip up and miss the bogey putt and have to settle for a double bogey 6, for a total of 42.

Had plenty of opportunities to make this a better round. My chipping got the better of me this week. Had some good chips, but most weren't close enough to give me a legitimate birdie or par chance. Hole #9 was one of those holes that I have every now and then, so I didn't let it bother me. I know I could have easily been below 40 for this round, and being my second time out playing this year, I'm pretty pleased.


Gregg said...

Stupid question: Where does your league play?

Steve Breitenbach said...


We play at a local course called Wolf Creek Golf Club. They don't have a website to link to, but I probably should have mentioned them in the post.


Gregg said...

Please don't tell me that for a big night out on the town, you head to Cabela's. :-) Yeah, I have blasted by there on the way to Frankenmuth.

Steve Breitenbach said...

I think I've been to Cabela's two or three times since they've been there. Not much of an outdoorsman. The times I've been there is to take out of town family who wants to go. Big night on the town means going to Toledo, to the Sam's Club and dinner with the wife, while the kids are at her folk's house. Really living it up here. Gonna have to slow down some time soon. ;-)