Thursday, August 20, 2009

My two cents - Vick and Favre

I've listened to the ESPN Radio coverage, and watched NFL Network and ESPN coverage, about Mike Vick signing with the Eagles, and Brett Favre signing with the Vikings. I have to tell you, I'm more than a little disappointed in what I've heard and seen.

Concerning Mike Vick... Yes, I know what he did was absolutely awful. A despicable act. It's indefensible. And he knows it. He's also paid the price for what he's done. He's been out of football for three years now. He's lost $100's of millions of dollars because of it. He's done his time. He's out now, and should be given another chance. I've heard the talking sports heads, some of them anyway, say that they won't buy a Vick Eagles jersey, because they don't want to show support for him, but that he does deserve the chance to play again. Eagles fans, from what I've heard, are about 4 to 5 against him playing for their Eagles. I just don't get it.

What Vick did to animals, dogs to be specific, was a horrible act. But they were animals... not human beings. Some people seem to be more outraged about what Vick did to dogs, than what, say Donte Stallworth did to a human being. Stallworth killed a man while driving drunk (or high, or both.) People say that Stallworth made a mistake in judgment, doing what he did. The fact remains, though... his mistake resulted in the death of a human being. Oh, and he's only getting a few days in jail and probation for killing a man with a vehicle while driving under the influence. This does not make sense to me. I'd rather show my support for Vick with an Eagles jersey, than to show my support for Stallworth with a Browns jersey, and I'm a life long Browns fan.

Vick did his time, lost a ton of money, and hopefully learned a life long lesson. He should get a second chance and people should support him in his efforts to turn his life around. I'm not saying that Stallworth should not get a second chance... he should, but I find what he did to a human being is far worse than what Vick did to animals.

Concerning Brett Favre... I used to like Brett. He is an amazing quarterback and a true competitor. I felt that when he retired (the first time), he did it right, and felt it was the right time for him to bow out of the league. And then all that went away, when he decided that he wanted to come back to play... no... stay retired... no, come back to play... no... etc. It was ridiculous. When he started playing games with the front office at Green Bay, I lost a ton of respect for him. All that he had done in the past, on the field, was now tainted. Honestly, I was hoping he would be absolutely horrible playing for the Jets, not to slight the Jets, but just so he would look bad enough to retire and stay retired. He didn't do too bad for the Jets, but their season ended, just like it did in his last game for the Packers, on a interception. So he decided that, with his shoulder in the shape it was, possibly needing surgery, he would again, retire from the Jets. Great... now maybe he will go away and maybe he can regain a little of the respect he had lost, not only from me, but a lot of other fans of the game.

I guess Brett isn't the kind of guy I thought he was. Again, he decides that maybe, just maybe, he's got another year in him. Get his shoulder taken care of, he could be "that" QB again. This time, though, he wants to play for the Vikings, just to be able to stick it too the Packers two times in a season, at least. Again, the waffling begins, much to the dismay of the Vikings front office, and the head coach. The back and forth Favre was doing was, again, ridiculous and self-serving. Whatever respect I still had for him, is now gone. Great... he signed with the Vikings for a ton of money, for one year, of which $6 million is guaranteed whether he gets hurt or cut. I'll tell you what... if I was Sage Rosenfeld, Tarvaris Jackson, and/or John David Booty, I'd be asking for an immediate trade or release from the team. Absolutely no respect for these guys, regardless of their playing abilities, shown by the head coach or the Vikings front office. Rosenfeld, prior to signing with the Vikings, was promised a chance to compete for the starting job at QB. Favre signs, and is already going to start in their preseason game on Friday night... he's only been in camp for two or three days now... and he's starting??? Give me a break. I feel bad for these three guys. Sure, Brett's a hell of a quarterback, but in no way, shape, or form do I think he should be able to come in and be automatically given the starting job. (Yes, I know he'll probably win the starting job anyway, but it's the principle of the matter.) Hell, I'd buy a Vick and Stallworth jersey before I would ever buy a Favre jersey, no matter what team he played for (Packers, Jets, Vikings.)

Of course, if he's available at a decent pick, I would probably draft Favre in my fantasy football league. He is good at what he does. I just don't have to like what he does off the field.

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