Monday, December 14, 2009

Lotus Traveler and Windows Mobile 6.5 - Installation problems...

OK... so I've got this HTC Tilt 2, which has Windows Mobile 6.5 installed on it. I was able to download Lotus Traveler (the bootstrap file and the installer for WM 6.0/6.1 for Pocket PC). Installation goes fine until it tries to connect to the server. I'm getting the following error messages:

"There was an error reading your configuration."


"Parsing error reading the configuration file at line 31, position 3."

and, after a couple of minutes...

"Time out reached while connecting to the network. Please verify that your data network is available and check your network configuration settings."

Now, I have installed Traveler on a WM 6.1 phone (a Treo 750) without fail. I have also installed Traveler on several iPhones, again, without fail.

I've read on some message boards that people have installed Traveler on WM 6.5 devices, but once they get it installed, they don't come back to explain what they've done to get it installed. I'd really like to get Traveler on this phone, but it's looking like I'm going to have reinstall Good Mobile Messaging so this salesperson can get his emails, until I can get this little issue figured out.

Lotusphere can't some soon enough!


Jan said...


Do you have found a solution yet ? I'm having the same problem.


VINU said...

Please let me know if you find any solutions. I have the same problem too

VINU said...

Please let me know if you find any solutions. I have the same problem too

Anonymous said...

With Opera 10 you can download the correct bootstrap(client configuration) file.
This will get rid of the parsing problem.
I am still stuck when the phone wants to connect to the server.
Error 12157.
Our server is configured with SSL with a certificate from Go Daddy 2

Anonymous said...

For me, IBM and MS solved the problem.

From IBM development team:
"I have been working with MS on the SSL error found on some WM devices. This was a MS problem and it had to do with a problem with the AES 128 and 256 bit ciphers. MS has provided me with enough information to allow me to write a stand alone app that seems to correct the problem. The app only needs to be run once unless the user hard resets the device. Here is the app. "

I ran the app on my device and everything workes like a charm!.

Just shoot me a email and I can email you the fix.

VINU said...

Hi Abby,
Appreciate if you can email me the fix on ""

Thierry said...

hi abby,
i've got the same problem, is it possible to have the fix ?
thanks so much !


Raghu said...

Hi plz send to

Raghu said...

Hi Steve

How did u get the lotus traveler. Is there any free version for windows mobile?

Marc said...

Hello Abby
I would be very glad if you could send me the mentioned fix to I receive Error 12157 when starting Traveler on WM 6.5. and 6.1, whereas on WM 5.0, Traveler works fine. Thank you!

Res said...

Does anyone have this 12157 fix. Would realy appreciate it. Greetings chuelibrueder

Jose Manuel said...

Can you send me the fix please?

Olaf said...

please send me the fix, too! Thank you very much!!!

chrisc1 said...

I know it has been awhile since this was originally posted but am having the same connection issue. Any chance getting the fix?

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