Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Little League - Game 6

Last Thursday was Game 6. Good game again by all. The good guys win. My son had a couple of hits, scored a run, and, I think, had an RBI. He did real well, playing both left center field and third base, stopping everything that came to him. He's really getting the hang of things. We've been practicing when we can, in the yard. I pitch to him and he hits the ball really well. I hit some balls to him, to give him practice in fielding the ball, where he needs the most help. It's working out well, as he isn't as afraid of the ball hitting him in the legs or chest and thinking it's going to kill him.

There was one scare during the game, as one of the kids from the other team took a ball to the face, on a bad hop off the dirt infield. The ball must have hit a rock or something, as the ball just jumped off the field and hit the poor kid in the cheek. I heard one of the kids say he chipped his tooth, but you know how kids like to expand the truth sometimes. There was a little blood, but nothing too serious. I'm sure he'll be ok.

The next game won't be until this coming Saturday. That's a long week off for these kids. Hopefully they won't forget how to play.

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