Thursday, May 29, 2008

Golf League - Week 6

Played the back nine last night. For once, the weather was just about perfect! Temps in the upper 60's, not a cloud in the sky, no wind to speak of... just beautiful.

Started off in a tough spot on #10... drove my tee shot into the pond. Took a drop and chipped up to the right of the green. Chipped in for my par. Good finish to what could have been a bad start to the round. Bogied the next hole because I bladed my pitching wedge over the green and didn't chip close enough to the hole. Parred #12, a par 3. Hit a good drive and second shot on #13, a par 5, and was sitting about 20 yards from the hole. Hit a great chip shot to within about two feet. Putt breaks a little to the right. I pulled the putt and missed the birdie. Next is the second par 3, and I missed the green and chipped up to within about three feet. Again, I missed the par putt. My putting left me last night, for some unknown reason. Still, I'm two over after four holes, so I'm not doing too bad. Good tee shot on #15, but was a little short on my approach shot. Chipped up to about five feet and missed the par putt again. Three over now. Pull-hooked my tee shot on #16 and have to hit over some trees, up hill to the green. Hit a solid 8 iron to the front of the green. The pin was back. Long birdie putt came up just a little short, but it was a gimme putt... par. Hole 17 is a long par 5. I hit, what I felt was a good drive, but no one saw it after it left the tee. My partner said he thought he saw it start off right, but was drawing back into the fairway. We couldn't see the ball anywhere, due to the sun and shade in the fairway. Finally found it on the left side of the fairway. Hit a decent second shot and had about 110 yards to the green. Hit a good pitching wedge to the green, but was about 20 feet from the hole. Hit a good putt, but came up a little short and settled for a par. Still three over after 8 holes. I'm in good shape... I can still break 40 for this round if I don't have my blowup hole, as I have each week so far. The 18th hole is a straight away par 4. Hit a good drive even though my right foot slipped from under me as I was coming through the ball. I had about 115 yards to the green and the hole was cut in the back of the green, which slopes severely towards the front of the green. My hope was to hit below the hole to have an up hill putt. I hit a good 10 iron (I love this club), but put the ball above the hole. I had a down hill putt, with a break to the right. It's a speed putt. I looked at it from both sides, had my partner read it as well. We didn't have the same opinion as to how much the putt was going to break. I went with what my partner was telling me. Fortunately, I hit the putt well, and the ball found the bottom of the cup for a birdie. Finished with a 38. Should have been a lot better because of my putting problems, but I was happy with the score. I won a couple of skins with the birdie at 18 and a par on 17.

The one thing that I can point to in making this round what it was is the fact that I did not use my 3 wood at all. When I had a chance to use it (on both par 5's), I opted to use my 3 iron instead. I'm sure I could have been on the green, or at least closer to the hole that I ended up on these holes, but with having no confidence in my 3 wood, I chose to use the 3 iron. I really need to get to the range and hit my 3 wood, and get the confidence back with that club. I know I've said it before, but I just haven't been able to find the time. Some day...

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