Friday, September 5, 2008

Golf - The end is near...

Well, unfortunately, my golf league season has come to an end this year. Time really flies. We finished up our league with a four person scramble (A, B, C, and D players on a team.) I was the A player. We finished 3 under for 9 holes, with a lot of "woulda, shoulda, coulda's" thrown in there.) We should have finished at least 5 under, as we had two putts stop on the lip of the cup, and we had an eagle putt just lip out (which would have been icing on the cake.) We finished 3rd out of 5 groups. We lost in a scorecard playoff with the eventual 2nd place team.

It was fun while it lasted, but darkness was coming quicker and quicker each week, and we were running out of daylight if we were in the last group.

I finished the year with a 2 or 3 league handicap (for 9 holes), which is where I should be. I never made friends with my 3 wood as the season wore on, which is fine. I can always replace the 3 wood with another wedge, I suppose. It won't be missed.

I was able to get out to play, outside of the league, a little more than I thought I would, which was nice. I started tracking my scores online ( and it tells me that I am a 9 handicap for 18 holes. I'm happy about that.

I did play in our local Ryder Cup style tournament back in August. What fun that was. Sixteen guys, all with a variety of golf skills, split into two teams, Ohio and Michigan. Of course, being a Buckeye, I was on the Ohio team. We played 36 holes on Thursday (Alternate shot - Demor Hills in Morenci, MI, 4 ball - Ironwood in Wauseon, OH), 36 holes on Friday (4 ball - Riverby Hills in Waterville, OH, 2 man scramble - White Pines in Swanton, OH), and then the singles matches at The Legacy in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. We were all tied up going into the singles matches, which is the way you wanted it to be, and the Ohio team came out victorious after all the matches were complete. I played some of the best golf I've played this year in this tournament. It was a great time.

As it is now September, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier as time goes by, my time on the course is getting less and less. I'll have to take some nice fall afternoons off work to get out and play before the snow falls. I'm hoping to get out a few more times before that happens.

Golf... it's a love/hate relationship. Right now, I'm loving it.