Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First round of golf in 2009

As noted yesterday, I played my first round of golf of the 2009 golf season. I played at The Grande Golf Club in Jackson, MI. While the weather was beautiful for March, about 65-70 degrees, it was pretty windy.

I played with three friends, all who had played about a week ago, at the same course. I hadn't swung a club since my last round back in November. I didn't even have a chance to hit balls on the range prior to teeing of on the first hole. I did, however, hit one ball, from the first tee, into the driving range, while waiting for the foursome ahead of us to hit their second shots.

When it was our turn to tee off, I hit my first official tee shot of the year. It was almost perfect. No bad habits to start the year off, at least on the first hole. I finished the first nine holes with a 43. Never three putted, never got anything worse than a bogey, got a par or two, but no birdies. Not a bad start, if I don't say so myself.

The second nine, which was a little more challenging, as the wind was against us for many of the holes, was much better. While I did three putt one green, I had two bogies, and one birdie (the last hole), and finished with a 37. To shoot an 80 my first time out this year was unreal. I should hang up my clubs and not play again this year... that won't happen.