Friday, March 6, 2009

Homebrewing - Schwarzbier

It's been awhile since I posted about this beer, too. It's still sitting in secondary fermentation, in my brewery fridge, at about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It's been sitting their patiently, awaiting me to bring it out of the cold and bottling it. It won't be long now. I see some time coming in the near future.

With the problems I had with the priming tablets on my Spiced Winter Ale, I think I will be making a priming concoction the old fashion way for this beer, as I have been longing to sample this beer for quite some time. I don't want anything to discourage me, or hinder it's finishing. I know that the warmer weather is approaching (it's 65 today!!!), but I will carbonate this beer the proper way, and know that it will be good, when the time comes.

Bottling time is coming... I can feel it.

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