Monday, May 5, 2008

Greenhouse Quickr and the Connector

OK... so I'm playing around with Quickr on Greenhouse. I've downloaded and installed the Quickr Connector on my laptop, but I am unable to connect to the Greenhouse site with this connector. Am I wrong in assuming that I should be able to do this?

I would very much like to demo Quickr to the powers that be here at work, and can get around this piece of the puzzle, but it would be better if I could get it to work. I've tried it from home and at work (through a proxy server), and could not get connected.

When I've tried from work, I get the following window:


The handle is in the wrong state for the requested operation

Also, I've added Discussion Forums to my Greenhouse Quickr Place, but there is no way to add a thread. This seems odd to me, in that it is a discussion forum, and in order for there to be a discussion, you need to be able to add a post. How am I to add a post if there is no link to do this?

I would appreciate any help.


Bones said...

Try posting your questions about the connectors to the Quickr developerWorks forum. The Quickr dev team monitors it, and actively responds when able to.

Steve Breitenbach said...

Thanks for the help. I've posted the question.