Friday, May 2, 2008

Little League Baseball - Game 1

Well, after two practices and one scrimmage, the boys and girls played their first game last night. They lost 13-9 in a six inning game. My son had two singles, at least one RBI, and scored a run. He played left-center field and did good out there, but only had one or two balls come his way during the game. Before the game, my wife and I took pictures of my boy in his first baseball uniform. He say "Take a picture while I'm clean, and then take a picture after the game with I'm all dirty." We laughed. Funny thing was, the only two people to get dirty (sliding into first base and sliding into home plate for no obvious reason) were two of the three girls on the team. Two of the girls are also the only one's to get hit by the ball... one as a batter, who was standing too close to the plate, and when she swung, the ball hit her hands, the other while playing catcher, with the ball hitting her solidly on her knee cap. I heard it from where I sat, so I know it must have hurt, and she had the full catcher's gear on.

I'm not sure how I feel about the coaches, though. Our coachs seems like pretty decent guys, but I haven't talked to them a whole lot. The other team's coach seemed to be the kind of coach I'm not thrilled about. Sure, you play to win games, but at this age, the games should be more fun and not as much about winning. We sat behind the wife of one of the other teams coaches. She was keeping score. After each at bat, the coach wanted to know how many runs were scored. Sure it is important to know, but it seemed a little ridiculous to me. Our coach, after the game, got on the team a little bit, in a nice way (not yelling and screaming), about how they played in the first couple of innings for not handling the grounders very well. They didn't, but I blame this on only having two practices.

It was fun to watch and it did look like the kids had a good time. Especially the kids who played in the outfield, who were putting dirt/sand in their gloves or building sand mountains or watching the train go by. They're kids... what more do you want?

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