Friday, May 16, 2008

Little League Baseball - Game 5

Another loss for the good guys again. Fell behind around the 3rd inning and then tied it up, but then had another bad last inning. Unfortunately, the weakest part of the lineup came in the bottom half of the 6th and final inning and had three strike outs to finish the game. My boy did well, with two hits and an RBI (I think.) He got tagged out trying to "steal" home. I say "steal" because he heard everyone in the stands yell "GO!" or "RUN!" when the ball was hit, but didn't know he didn't have to run, and didn't hear his coach calling for him to stay. All of us in the stands (sitting on the 3rd base side) were yelling to the kid who hit the ball. Poor kid... he wasn't sure who to listen to (but knows he's supposed to listen to the coach first ;-) )

No game until next Thursday, but there might be a practice this weekend.

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